Healthcare - one coin, two sides.

One of my friend's dad was admitted to a "posh" hospital  for treatment . The treatment went on for 3 months and climaxed with a surgery. The " Surgery package" ( surgery + 4 days in critical care+ 3 days ICU) was priced at 7.5 lakhs. This was to be  prepaid before the surgery.

My friend paid the amount and the surgery was done. After two days in critical care, my friend's dad passed away. Logically, you would expect a refund of money from the hospital as the ' package' was  prepaid  7 days. 
When my friend reached out to the hospital cash counter for a refund, it turned out to be an anti-climax. They had an ad hoc bill for 4.5 lakhs. He was also told that he cannot take away the mortal remains of his father unless he paid the full  amount. After a lot of "negotiations", the amount was reduced to 1.5 lakhs and the "deal" came to an end.

On hearing this story, we easily start blaming the government for not providing quality healthcare to the citizens, donations paid to medical colleges, tales of heart less doctors et all . But a near term solution is definitely not in light.

Here comes the other tale.( where we ignore the right treatment because it's so "clean & economical" )

Mr.X is a distant relative of mine. He is a qualified pediatrician. Believes in ethics and provides prudent advice.

He never recommends any medicine unless essential, refrains from using injections ( unless necessary) and gives away sample medicines for free, etc. I have no doubts on his capability. But his career has been less lucrative because of his simple and straight forward approach. At least from my assessment, people are not so comfortable consulting a doctor who turns you off  with no/minimal medicine!. Hospitals which employ him , turn this person  out when they find that he doesn't meet their "targets" for scans and X-rays.

But this person runs a peaceful life  ( of course, with patronage of some prudent patients), Since his needs are limited. ( No greed , so low need :-)) 

I feel that people too need a change of attitude towards " What a good treatment is".

Healthcare - Same coin - Two sides :-)

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