Bumper money - How long does it last?

   ET carried an articled on "Contrasting fortunes of farmers selling land in cities" a few days back. This article captured the current state of people who had sold their land a few years ago and made a  few crores.

While a few had invested the money prudently in some money making assets, many of them had blown of the entire cash. Extravagant living, alcohol addiction and over confidence due to sudden inflow of cash , have led many into complete bankruptcy.Many who lost their money are now jobless and see no future at all.

"Getting the money you want" is just the first step. Preserving it prudently for the rest of life is another ball game all together. Money, either earned through hard work or through a lottery need to be treated with respect. It doesn't mean complete abstinence from luxury but use of some wisdom  in the way money is dealt with.

" Sustaining what you get" is the next big step after the first big step of " Getting what you want". ( a.k.a "Yogam" and "Kshemam" as quoted on our ancient language)

So, money management skills come handy even after you earn what you want.

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