3 simple ideas to spend less!

If you have been finding your expenses go off the roof and been wanting to bring down your spending then you may follow these simple tips.

1) Budget and track expenses-

Please budget your expenses on various heads and then start tracking every spend of yours against the budget. You may classify your spend under heads like house rent, food,clothes, medical, education, etc and track it. You can choose to use some web based tool or smart phone apps ( which are free!) to do this!.

2) Lock your credit and debit card-

Try to do all your spend through cash.The pain of withdrawing money every time and counting cash "physically" while paying can have a positive impact on your expenses.
When you swipe with a card, you actually don't feel the same "pinch" which you may feel when you spend by cash. This method will also help you avoid some impulsive spends.

3) Avoid sale or discount offers-

Always buy ' what you need' and done buy ' what you want!' if you are trying to bring down your expenses. Don't buy something just because the 'offer' is good. When you buy using an 'offer' , you actually save some money. But you may have avoided the overall spend if you didn't fall for the 'offer.'. So, evaluate the offer- Need or Want?

Happy saving!. 

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