#Bank charges for ATM usage?

Warning:- Please do not read this article on a "serious" note.

I found this news item this morning on proposed charges for ATM usage by banks.

Banks want to recover the cost of "additional" security and hence want to charge customers for ATM usage. if this trend is encouraged, banks will start fleecing the customers with following charges!! :-))

1) Charges for opening an account.
2) Charges for safeguarding cash in account as a % of amount in the bank account or a minimum amount if balance falls below 100000
3)Charges for using the bank premises for any transaction
4) Charges for calculating interest every half-year
5) Charges for every "login" through Internet banking as it causes a "Strain" on the IT infrastructure of banks
6) Charges for using "Debit " card as indirect cost incurred on maintaining POS terminals
7) Charges for NPAs when the bank is not able to recover from a BIG borrower
8)Charges for issuing passbook or account statements
9)Charges for talking to "telephone" banking
10) Charges for using various application forms/ pay in slips, etc as cost is involved in printing them.
11)A/ C  charges for visting an A/C branch.
12) Service charges for maintaining the ledger balances of customers!
13) Parking charges outside bank, ATM
and the list can go on.

Bottom line is, Banks should know how to manage their cost and maintain margins, If they start charging customers for their "inefficiencies"- then they will eventually "suffer"as people will start storing money in "lockers".

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