EMI on debit cards, Don't fall into this trap!

The following article talks about  EMI option on your debit card for purchasing a TV.
1. You can use your Debit card to purchase a TV.
2. For this, You need to have an FD with the bank which  pays you around 9%
2. You can  borrow from the bank up-to 90% of the FD for the TV purchase - paying an interest of around 13%

Your money is with the bank for which you earn 9% and bank lends it back to you for 4% more. why should someone avail this facility at all. To make the bank rich???

If at all you are desperate to get the TV, break your FD and go buy that "damn" TV.

If you want to buy a LED TV in the next two months, you could save for it, flash your credit card or use the zero-interest option. But if the TV is a Samsung one and your banker is ICICI Bank, you could also use your debit card and pay through equated monthly instalments (EMIs). At 13 per cent a year, the interest rate on reducing balance is substantially lower than a credit card's 36-45 per cent a year, as well as 15-25 per cent for personal loans.

However, you should have a fixed deposit with the bank and only 90 per cent of the deposit amount will be lent to you for a purchase (to buy an LED TV worth Rs 50,000, you should have a fixed deposit of Rs 55,556). Also, currently, the facility is only for Samsung products.

Since the fixed deposit will earn interest at nine per cent for 390 days, the effective rate of interest on EMIs is five per cent annualised (13-8 per cent). You will continue to earn interest on the fixed deposit. Also, as interest is on reducing balance, the net outgo will be less every month, says Suresh Sadagopan, founder Ladder7 Financial Advisors. full article

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