Heights of poor service #Kun hyundai adyar car service

We all longed for privatization when government was running all the businesses a couple of decades ago. While privatization bought about a relief and seemingly increase in quality of service, the ultimate truth seems to be different for me. Either it be banking,telecom or any other service, until things go wrong with theservices, it is a great going. But when things are not ok and you complain, the response to grievances from the so called big business houses seem to be pathetic.Here's one such example

I had given my car for service to Kun Hyundai at Adyar sometime last year. When the car was returned to me after service at my residence, the floor of the car was so unclean and I immediately complained. They apologized, asked to me send the car for cleaning and then I had to sacrifice using my car for a day for their mistake.

I did the biggest mistake of the year in the beginning of this year. I gave my car for service to the same folks again. When my car came back, the mats were filled with mud ( as though, it was delivered straight from a beach trip). When I complained, usual apology and the trip of the car to their workshop followed ( at the cost of my petrol and myself using an alternate mode of transport for another day). 

When the car was delivered back to me, the interiors were dirtier than earlier. I was annoyed, asked them to refund my money and wrote a strong mail to every email address of Hyundai ( including the Korean expat CMD). After 30 minutes of my mail, the service manager was at my doorstep. He was full of regret ( "acting", as I realised later), offered to clean my car and also promised that in one month , He will get my car serviced for free. He did all this to take a signature on a feedback form stating that I was satisfied with the service.

When a basic cleaning which is part of the service is not done properly, how can I trust the list of other activities that they claim in the bill to have been complete ( example, Engine oil change, etc)

Six months have gone by, time for car service again.! I didn't hear back from the service manager later. The promise was just to get off with my complaint at that point of time.:-)

Long live the service of such great organizations. 

I write this post to let the world be aware of the wonderful service that I received and to encourage people to complain whenever they are cheated.!

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