Cash back offers ! Not so transparent!

I am not a great fan of cash back offers. But during this year, I made some purchases online for which some cash back offers available.

1. The first purchase was on Amazon for a cash back tie up offer with SBI cards. The offer was about 5% cash back and the cash back was to be credited my my card account after a certain period.
I did this purchase in may and I was supposed to get this cash back by a certain date in August. When I checked my account after the stated date, there was no cash back,. 
I wrote a mail to both of them and my cash back got processed in a couple of days.

2.The second purchase was on Makemytrip with an Amex card. Here a cash back was promised within a certain time frame. Got an SMS stating that cash back has been processed. But there was no real cash back in my card account for 15 days after the SMS.
I wrote to the card company and got the cash back into my card account.

You may ask, so what?

Is this a standard industry practice that cash backs are offered only to those who "remember and ask"?. How many people will track down the cash backs due to them after 30-90 days of their purchase?
Why cash backs aren't offered instantly?

Please track down your cash back offers until you get the "cash" into your account.!

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