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This book is from Ravi Subramaniam who has published thrillers based on banking industry in the past.Similar to Ravi's other books the story revolves around a banking industry executive with an IIM background.

Here's an excerpt from the book , before the review 

The following are review comments provided by a publisher to a new author in the book.

"Suggested alterations to Shreya Kaushik's untitled book

a) Change Aditya's name to something more rustic . The name does not suit the character.
b) Detailing of locations in the book needs to be fleshed out. As of now it is very elementary. the average reader will have to be told what those locations stand for. Take a look at pages 4,89,112, and 165
c)The book is short. Can we look at adding another 15,000 words? We need to have a book of at least 200 pages. Readers will hesitate paying a good price for something less than that.
d)Reduce the gore in the rape scene. While it is very hard hitting, it might put off many.

There were a few more easy to manage points on the list................"

Now the review of the book on similar lines

1) For God's sake please stop using the name Aditya .The banking industry could have been left aside in this book.The theme is more towards publishing and a few Indian author's share this background. But some creativity could have been shown here instead of trying to resemble some real life authors and take some mileage out of it.

2) Will someone who has good writing talent and confident, with a decent background stoop so low for getting a book published ??? or to win a chairman's medal at IIM ( I don't know, The plot seems to be too weak)

3)The story can actually be written on the back of a bus ticket.( that's the reason for not talking about the story in this review) But did the author make it to 350+ pages because of the fact that readers need value for money. God. The story line is very much predictable once you read the back cover. Sanjay's conspiracy plot doesn't fly beyond a point and his ultimate motive is not very convincing..

4)All of these writers with a banking background seem to rely more on "Steamy" scenes in their book.Should really try to come out of this typecast and write something neat.

5)References to ebola, iphone backup, etc seem highly unconnected to me. Not enough research has been done to get into some interesting aspects that can keep the reader hooked.

The only thing that I liked in the book was the fact - " Indian MNC banks have to simply comply to the orders of HQ and cant quite stand to any decision made by them.( ref. closure of national bank -wealth management division in India ). Probably this is the reason that a lot of high profile bankers find time to write and eventually become full time authors.

In short , a below average book with a weak plot and a very very thin story line written with a lot of words!

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