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On analysing the recent search paths to this blog , two searches still stand out . They are 1) ULIP compared with SIP and 2) How to make money in stock market.

For beginners ULIP is Unit linked Insurance Plans which invest in units as desired by the investors. ULIPS are Insurance cum Investment Plans. SIP is not an investment instrument but an investment method to invest in Mutual Funds. You can regularly invest in equity mutual funds through SIPs. ( Read posts labelled SIP, Insurance and ULIP for more info).

SIP definitely scores over ULIP as an investment.

Unfortunately, the trend reflected through data is not that great. Data from preceding month shows that flows ( into equity market) from insurance companies (ULIPs) into equity were four times greater then flow from MFs. It's a good sign that people have realised the power of equity, but still we have to mature in terms of understanding and choosing the right instruments.
To answer the second question, Investment in equity mutual funds through SIP is the best way for retail investors. You need to spare time and need to have patience to achieve your long term goals in this route. Happy Investing!.

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