Sitting on the fence

Sensex has been soaring. It is said that only 4% of the country has invested in stocks.
Many people are yet to figure out the power of equity. Of course, equity is one of the riskiest investments. But systematised investment and time generates great returns . Personal finance literacy is very low and proper education in this regard from schools would help us a lot.
I have had multiple opportunities to talk to many from the 96% group ( non-equity investors). They have either turned a blind eye to the equity or have been sitting on the fence expecting the sensex to fall( right from days when sensex was at 6000 levels).
Even today, sitting on the fence wouldn't help you create wealth for yourself. Sensex may fall drastically even tomorrow. But you can't keep out of it for that sake. Come in with a long term plan ( not a couple of years !!)and invest systematically through SIPs. This is definitely better than sitting on the fence and waiting for the indices to go down.

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