SIP Calculator

Calculator for SIP returns
Don't forget to consider the entry load on SIP when entering the monthly contribution amount. For example, if you invest Rs 1000 p.m. (Enter only 1000- entry load as monthly contribution).


Anonymous said...

I don't think that compounding effect is applicable for SIP investment.

1. MF returns are not guaranteed. In a bear-phase we can actually have negative returns.

2. Can we apply the compounding effect the same way as we apply for say PPF.

Ideasmoney said...

Compunding effect applies to MF too..why not??

MF returns are not guaranteed but equity tend to outperform all other investments in the long run.

ideasmoney said...

visit labels on MF and SIP to see data to prove the power of compounding

Vinod Kumar said...

Thanks for posting this SIP calculator and keep updating


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