Not comfortable with equities/ equity MF

This week I happened to meet at least a few people who talked to me about the risks of stock market. One of them who spoke on these lines was an MBA (Finance). Even after talking with data, logic and information ( mostly provided on this blog), I couldn't see them impressed. I didn't press them too much because I am not an agent selling Mutual Funds :-).
When so many FIIs flock here ( including some of their pension funds), we are yet to get into a perfect equity investing cult in this country ( esp. the southern part of the country??).
The equity Mutual Fund penetration has been improving but has a long way to go. At the current 30-40% CAGR, MF can be a $10 trillion industry in few years to come. But still it would be only a part of the country's true savings potential.
Equity/ Equity MF investments definitely carry a risk along with them. But by intelligent means of investing and staying in the market for long run, one can definitely get better tax free returns when compared to debt investments.
My lesson from the interaction last week with the equity averse investors made realise...." People create their own destiny".

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