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UTI-Infrastructure Advantage Fund-Series I.

The new fund offer (NFO) opens on November 12, 2007 and closes on December 19, 2007. Units can be purchased only during the NFO period.
Fund is close ended.Investors too keen on infrastructure can prefer investing through SIPs in open-ended funds like UTI Infrastructure, Tata Infrastructure or ICICI prudential infrastructure fund. But limit your exposure to sectoral funds.

Scheme Name JPMorgan India Smaller Companies
Launch Date 09/11/2007 closing on November 30th 2007
Fund Manager Mr. Harshad Patwardhan
Investment Objective :The investment objective is to seek to generate long term capital appreciation from a portfolio that is substantially constituted of equity and equity related securities focused on smaller companies. Generally, the universe will be the companies constituting the bottom fourth by way of market capitalization of stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange or The Bombay Stock Exchange. The fund manager may from time to time include other equity and equity related securities outside the universe to achieve optimal portfolio construction. However, there can be no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be realised.Minimum investment is 5000 rs Entry load of 2.5 percent Exit load of 1 percent
Lot of proven mid caps available in the market. Pure small cap oriented funds are very few ( DSPML Small companies fund and Sundaram BNP paribas select small cap). Investors who have a big time horizon and want to have smaller companies in their portfolio can look at this fund.

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