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Franklin Asian Equity Fund - Those of who want to spread their portfolio/ risk across Asian markets can apply.

ICICI Prudential Real Estate Securities Fund (The scheme will not be directly owning or holding real estate properties.) is a 3-year close-ended debt fund, designed to invest in Real Estate Sector and real estate oriented sectors like Cement, Construction, Metals, Hotels, Retail, Banks & Finance Companies etc.
The scheme will:
Predominantly invest (51% to 100%) in high yielding debt securities issued by companies that are associated with or benefitting (directly / indirectly) from the real estate sector.
Invest up to 49% in equity of companies, which are engaged in industries that benefit directly or indirectly from the Real Estate Sector or have substantial investments in property (incl. Land holdings).
The initial allocation of the fund will typically be 70% in debt instruments and 30% in equity
and equity related securities.
For all practical purposes this is a DEBT fund and taxes as per debt funds would apply. 30% leverage on Equity is available. This can be considered as an option against FD. However no returns assured!

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