JM Agri & Infrastructure Fund -NFO

Open 19-Nov-2007 Issue Close 18-Dec-2007

Scheme Objective

JM Agri & Infra Fund, is a close-ended equity oriented scheme. The investment objective of the Scheme is to provide long-term growth by investing predominantly in equity / equity related instruments of companies that focus on agriculture and infrastructure development of India.

Fund Class Equity Diversified
Fund Type Close-Ended
Fund Manager Sandip Sabharwal
Entry Load 0.00 %
Exit Load 0.00 %
Comment Exit Load - for ongoing redemptions/switch out after three months from the date of allotment, the exit load till maturity of the scheme will be Nil. However, at the time of redemption, the unitholders will be charged the balance proportionate unamortized initial issue expenses applicable to their investments.
This is a close ended fund and will be converted to a open ended after the specified period. Better to invest in performing funds like JM Basic through SIP. Watch the performance of this fund. if it is good, switch to it once it is open ended. You may invest now only if you bet too much on the fund manager's reputation.


Anonymous said...

this is picked up from some website. I want to know whats your opinion on this?

Ideasmoney said...

the last para is our comment on the fund. the general desc is as issued by fund house and it cant be authored by anyone else :-)

Anonymous said...

I have invested in this today since i trust the fund Manager and I know this guy wont let me down.
Look at the performance of all the JM MF's and the returns it's generated since Sandip sabharwal has been appointed. The JM Mfs have outperformed the markets since 2006.



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