Astrology, Economics and Stock Analysis

When there was a proposal a couple of years ago to include astrology as a mainstream course of study in universities, there were big hues and cries about it. Many questioned the rationality behind astrology and ridiculed that future prediction was just a cheating game.
But when top notch schools churn out economists and analyst ( thanks to RATIONALE study on macro economic, micro economics, technical and fundamental analysis!), we welcome them into the corporate world with a big heart.
They also start doing this prediction job, When oil moves up they predict it to go up and when it starts falling , they try to reason it out too. When sensex is at 21,000, they say that it will reach 27,000. But when it hits 13000, they start talking about 8500. They keep changing their stance each and every day and try to support their stance with a strong fundamental logic (????!!@#). Some of them may be doing this for their personal gain by operating in the futures market based on their stance. We never question these people or no one has ever tried to fix a accountability for them. But we keep hailing the schools that keep churning out these intellectual graduates and we cry for more of such institutes. Not that I am trying to support education on astrology in schools but trying to question our rationality 'on the stance of maintaining rationality' in education.
You may ask, why this article on a personal finance blog. The answer is quite simple. Don't follow these experts blindly but follow a simple and regular investment plan like SIP to make money in the long run.( Hope this works!!! :-) )

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