How to make your SIP direct -(Investing DIRECT in MF)

For those who are on a SIP made through a MF agent, you will be paying the entry load on your investment.
There are two ways to convert your investments into DIRECT investment.
1) Drop a letter to your AMC stating that you want to convert your broker code to DIRECT.
2) Stop the existing SIPs and start afresh investments directly.
When I read articles on difficulties in direct investment, they talk about difficulties in filling up forms, visiting AMC s, standing on queue ,etc.
If you have go through the instructions in the application form , there is little chance that you will make a mistake. If you find it difficult visiting the AMC, courier the form to your nearest AMC office. One time courier charge is better than the entry load. Always mention your email id along with the investments, so that queries can be sorted out on mails easily.
Don't forget to mention DIRECT in the broker code space on the application form.


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