Commodity Stocks Fund - NFO update

Mirae Asset Global Commodity Stocks Fund - Growth
Offer Open -Offer Close
Jun 24, 2008-Jul 23, 2008,Open Ended,Equity
Scheme Objective
The investment objective of the scheme is to generate long term capital appreciation through an actively managed portfolio investing in equity and equity related securities of companies that are engaged in commodity and commodities related sectors/sub sectors/industries, with at least 65% of the corpus invested overseas in Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets. There is no assurance or guarantee of returns

Minimum Investment-Rs. 5000
Incremental Investment-Rs. 1
SIP allowed- yes
NRI Investment -yes


Seems to be a novel idea. Since less than 65% invested in Indian equity, this would be treated as a debt fund for taxation purpose. Those who are extremely bullish on commodities can try out this fund. For new investors, wait and watch would be definitely better .

Time only will tell if CASH is king or COMMODITY is the king.!!

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