#GOSF and other #discount sale - Do all consumers benefit from these sale?

There has been a lot of fuzz around the discount sales , primarily the online ones . People are tempted to buy a lot of things online for a "discount" as they are available at seemingly " throw away" prices.

One of my friends bought a tablet for Rs 4000 as it was available at a cheap price. he already owns a smart phone,a  phablet and a laptop.

Another friend of mine from Chennai bought a thick winter jacket for Rs 400 for future usage .... he might travel sometime in 2020 :-)

These are some just a few examples.

Of course, how one spends his or her money is a "personal" thing.
But I feel that these online sales seem to drive some "crazy" consumer behavior.

Those who succumb to the "cheap or discounted" price tags end up buying things that they actually don't "need".

When you buy things that you don't "need"-you think that you got a deal in terms of discount,but  you actually loose all the money that you pay to get the product. So,discount doesn't matter when you buy something that you don't really need.

"Buy -what you need" -Distinguishing between what you WANT and what you NEED can make  intelligent consumers.

Happy Shopping!

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suman said...

Good topic. My suggestion to prospective shopper that please don't fall into the trap as I have wasted some money in some of these type discounts. I have bought something which i never use.

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