Ultra Walkathalon - some experiences

Last week , I had the opportunity to do an ultra walk from Chennai to Tirumala  ( around 130 kilometers). It was definitely a good experience. Both mentally  and physically the activity was definitely a "stretch". At the end, the overall experience taught me a lot.

There were moments ( especially on the second and third day) when reaching the destination seemed almost impossible. The only thing that helped to reach the goal was to "slow down ", " take rest" and most importantly " focus on the next step alone". Many times in life we get overwhelmed by the things that are ahead of us but focusing only on the next step might really help.

Another significant observation:  - Either it be a national highway or a road crossing through a small village , there was one thing in common - 80% of the road stretches are being used as open public toilets. We as a nation have a long way to go in terms on imbibing "Cleanliness". Huge piles of plastic garbage was also a common sight next to all human settlements along the way.Mother nature is truly and extraordinarily patient with all of us!

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