Passion at work

I was at a small roadside restaurant  ( Can rather be called an eatery) for my dinner yesterday. Was  looking for the hand wash. A young 20 something greeted me and guided me to the wash.

When I was back, I was guided to a good comfortable seat by the same person. Voluntarily and cheerfully , this young person helped me go through the 'Special Food' items of the day.

He cheerfully served the order and was more than attending till I left the eatery.

I was really happy as a customer. This young man should have been there at his work for at least 12 hours when I went in and he surely bowled me over by his exemplary service and enthusiasm. This attitude would definitely take anyone to places.

Started introspecting as to the amount of  passion that I show at my work place every day.No doubt , there is a scope of improvement. The benchmark for enthusiasm has definitely shot up after meeting this guy.

If one shows the same level of enthusiasm at work, any customer(internal or external to the organization) is going to return back with a smile and would definitely have a positive impact on the career ( eventually on the pay packet:-))).

So let's do ,what we have to do everyday, with a bit of more soul in it.

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