Taking care of your retired life!

Not long ago ( may be until a decade ago), a government job was considered a coveted one.  Now those jobs are not seen as the 'in' thing. Remuneration in government jobs have also gone up significantly and still there are thousands who chase them. But the 'charm' has definitely waded a lot.

The reason that these jobs had a good social standing because of the 1. Work life balance offered 2. Decent remuneration ( Private sector salaries were not sky high those days) 3. Job security and not to forget 4. Pension.

Coveted MNC / private sector jobs are very attractive in terms of the 'CTC' they offer. Except for point 2 stated above most of the other benefits like work life balance, job security are gone. A few companies offer good super annuation plan.

The job life cycle also would probably be shorter for most of the private sector employees. Whenever there is a competitive disadvantage in having a employee on rolls, the companies would think twice before disposing them off.
So , it is essential for everyone to start thinking about pension right from day 1 of getting employed.
Saving and investing should become second nature of a person.

NPS scheme is offered by PFRDA and one should start investing regularly in schemes likes this to take care of retirement needs. Maintaining lifestyles that are sustainable even after retirement should also be kept in mind.

Start your retirement planning now.

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