Use "Cash" to curtail your expenses.

If you are an avid card user ( credit card or debit card) and wondering how to curtail your expenses , there is one simple way. Start spending in cash.

Keep your credit /debit card at home and always start spending by withdrawing cash. Try to avoid online payments/shopping too and  pay out your bills in cash.

This will definitely be less convenient than using a card but may end up reducing your expenses.

You will feel the real impact of spend when you are using cash for a payment. When you swipe a card, whether it is Rs 150 or 15000. it's just a single swipe. So, you don't feel the pinch of the spend . When the spend happens through cash, you my actually end up spending less cash as you SEE and FEEL the quantum of cash outgo.

By not using a credit card, you may curtail most of your impulsive purchases and will start planning & budgeting .( to withdraw and carry appropriate cash for payments/purchases).

You will also stop using future income for current needs when you stop using credit cards.

Try this out and curtail your expenses.

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