Is it the right time to enter the market

The most frequently asked question these days is " Sensex has crossed 20K , I have never invested in equity and will I get to gain if I enter the market now?. What are the investment options?"
Any day is a good day for a person to enter the market provided he understands that time in the market is more important than timing the market.
An SIP in a equity mutual fund running over a couple of years would be the best way for the retail investor to enter the market.
Always remember to invest only such money which you need not have immediately into stocks/Equity MF. i.e don't ever invest money that you would need in the short term into stocks(unless you are OK to play around with the associated high risks).
Understand Long term is at least 3-5 years and anything less than that can be termed as a short term investment for equity investment.
So, SIP your way to wealth.
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