Reliance Natural Resources Fund

Type : Open-Ended
Investment Objective :
The primary investment objective of the scheme is to seek to generate capital appreciation & provide long-term growth opportunities by investing in companies principally engaged in the discovery , development, production, or distribution of natural resources and the secondary objective is to generate consistent returns by investing in debt and money market securities.
Asset Allocation :
Equity and Equity related Securities of companies principally engaged in the discovery, development, production, or distribution of natural resources in - 65% to 100% , Domestic Companies - 65% to 100% , Foreign securities as permitted by SEBI/RBI fromo time to time - 0% to 35% , Debt and Money market securities (including investments in securitised debt)- 0% to 35%
Issue Opens On :
1 Jan 2008
Issue Closes On :
30 Jan 2008
Offer Price :
Rs. 10 per unit plus applicable load during NFO
Minimum Investment Amount :
Rs. 5000.00
Plan Options :
Dividend reinvestment, Dividend payment, Growth
Entry Load :
Exit Load:
The sector chosen looks very attractive. If you want to diversify into Natural resources, you can opt for this fund. Reliance already has a proven power sector fund. Now the fund house has broadened this power aspect to whole of natural resources.
Given the track record of this fund house, the Fund may end up mopping up huge money...When you apply you may apply directly to the fund house to avoid the entry load.


indstocks said...

Hi Ideasmoney, I just came across your blog. Tons of valuable information for investors. Keep the good work.

- indstocks

Anonymous said...

Hi Ideasmoney, I refer this to the "Reliance Natural Resources Fund" blog, where you mention at the end - When you apply you may apply directly to the fund house to avoid the entry load. What does this mean ? Can you pls. elaborate as I'm fairly new to Mutual Funds - Nishit

Ideasmoney said...

To avoid entry load ..fill in the form yourself.(available on web) mention 'Direct' in broker column and submit to Reliance MF directly


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