Stock market investing and panic

At ideasmoney we have always emphasised on the need for long term investing in equity (> 5 years) and Systematic investing. Moreover we have always suggested to invest only such money in equity which is not required for at least a couple of years.
People who panic are only traders and if you have been investing through vehicles like SIP, you need not worry at all.
There are two more things that one needs to follow
1) Never ever think experts ( analyst) are gods-
Many people tend to follow words of analyst appearing on TV seriously. They know the trend but they are not God's to know the future. Recently a famous analyst wrote a post on the lessons of stock market in their website. It was all words of wisdom but he never uttered those words before crash. He wouldn't have anticipated the crash ( which is not a real crash for investors) either!!!.
2) Don't let headlines rule you.
Media starts writing about bulls and bears the alternate days. They create huge hype on volatility of market. Never get swayed by them too.
Most important is have confidence in time and have realistic expectations {returns on your investment (15-20% pa)}.
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