Standard Chartered Small & Midcap Equity Fund -NFO

Issue Open 09-Jan-2008
Issue Close 15-Feb-2008
Scheme Objective
Standard Chartered Small & Midcap Equity (SME) Fund, is a close-ended equity scheme with no assured returns. The investment objective of the Scheme is to seek to generate capital appreciation from a diversified portfolio of equity and equity related instruments.
Equity Diversified

Entry Load 0.00 %
Exit Load 0.00 %

Exit load: For redemptions or switch out during the specified redemption period, till the maturity of the scheme, the unit holder will have to pay the balance proportionate unamortized initial issue expenses applicable to their investments.


Stan chart have proven themselves in Premier equity fund. But they don't have a long term track record across market cycles. Small and mid cap funds can give great returns over long term. Small and Mid caps are available at cheap valuations after the recent market downturn. Investors can take up existing small and mid cap funds from market.
This is a close ended, higher issue expenses can be amortised.Can be a disadvantage to investors. This funds may be for the hardcore stan. chart fans!.

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tushar said...

i want to know it's daily updated nav b'coz i had invest in it. so please send me link from where i know it's daily nav price.
tushar j prajapati ahmedabad.


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