Health is wealth

We all have been hearing this from childhood. How many of us really understand the importance of health in India?. Very less as far as I see. We do not have time ( actually, bother to find :-)) even for any simple work out everyday.

A spate of small sickness, visit to the doctor and a big bill that followed made me look at my routine. I wasn't really doing any regular exercise or have any planned food habit. So, this sickness could have been probably avoided if I had been taking care of my health regularly.

In pursuit of wealth , one shouldn't ignore a regular and healthy routine. We definitely need to take time for ourselves and importantly maintain nutritious/ healthy food habits. Else we may be throwing away our hard earned money to doctors/ pharmacy cos unnecessarily.

It's definitely not only a question of money , there is nothing like being and feeling hale and healthy.When I say healthy its only not being free from diseases, but feeling good and enthusiastic about what we  do everyday.

Health is the greatest wealth , of course!

( Hopefully this gyan remains with me and I do some implementation of my advice!. Thought of sharing this as I felt there a lot of people who are like me   :-) )

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