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After introduction and a bit of eulogizing of ET wealth, here's a general comment on the article titled 'Four reasons why not to buy IPOs

If IPO should not be bought why do papers like ET publish a buy/ no buy recommendation for IPOs. Is the recommendation not for the retail investor. Or is any FII or QIB is interested on a ET recommendation? ( I have taken this article just as an example and no offence intended to the author of the article. you will realize this by the end of the post)

The answer is simple. The world of investment advice is full of such contradictions and this article  is no exemption. Every advice is valid from one perspective and stupid from another perspective.

For example, one article may say book your profits at least partially when  market is up and another approach would say to hold on to  a growing multi bagger for long. 
So, it is on us  to assimilate all the information that is available and make a decision which is best suitable to us.

A world of knowledge is really open to us like papers, web, TV and so on . But it's our wisdom that should be used in decision making for investments.

Please do not try to convert  every piece of advice  into action without thinking through . This may turn perilous.

"Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit not a vegetable. Wisdom is knowing not to include it in a fruit salad."

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