Two blogs that I read everyday

Subramoney and Capital mind. These are the blogs I read almost everyday.

I think subramoney was introduced to me through a post in capital mind. From that time I am hanging on to it. The author's profound experience in personal finance and training is reflected very clearly on his posts.

The greatest attractions of this blog is regular posting, simplicity of posts ( I think even novices can understand and there are not too many jargons), real life examples  and variety of topics covered. the author has also been promoting his book on personal finance through the blog. I haven't got a chance to read the book yet. But a must read blog for all those who are interested in personal finance.

Capital mind is again a good read. The author of the blog also writes a column on yahoo. He is also versatile with his topics . Some topics with detailed technical analysis may only interest those who are used to that world.

Good to see such great content available on the web and that too for free :-). Who said that there is no free lunch?

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