IDFC infrastructure bonds - Not seen in your demat account?

I had applied for IDFC infrastructure bond in October 2010. My bank account got debited long back. I was waiting to see the bond credited in my demat account.
Finally got the information letter on allotment last  week but still the demat account wasn't reflecting IDFC  bonds credit.

The bonds are not seen in the 'holdings' section in my demat account ( India infoline). I figured it out in the transactions details.
If you use IIFL( India infoline) demat account, you can see the credit by using the following navaigation after logging into 5

In indiainfoline demat account, it is not visible under “holding” till date.

So , please try the following navigation.

Under Depository , use ” transaction” menu and figure out the credit by giving from and to date of transaction. The bonds have been credited on 13/11. 

It is probabaly not shown in holding beacuse it is a "lock in balance". any one who can throw some light can comment on this post.

For those who have demat accounts with ICICI , Sharekhan you may go through the comment section on this article and figure out  the navigation to find the credit.

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