It's discipline that fetches money

What it takes to earn big from equities. try to choose from the following :-

1. Extra -ordinary skills in stock market
2. Information updates from time to time on what's happening ( from say a paper, TV or a blog!)
3. Skills in technical and fundamental analysis
4. Ability to time the market ( when it will reach high and when it will reach a low)
5. Gift to spot multi bagger when they are small caps/ mid caps

None of the skills listed above are absolutely essential to make money form equities.
They may at times be nice to haves but not necessary. For any average man to make money from the equities , what one needs is

1. Basic understanding of how equity/ mutual fund works  works.
2. Have the conviction to do regular investing ( Through an SIP in MF or regular investment in NPS account)
3. Get started with the investment ( If you think what's difficult in getting started , read this)
4. Having the discipline to continue investing in ups and downs ( Not tracking the market on a day to day better and not reading/ seeing about it frequently is too good ~in fact!)

So , it's the discipline to save, invest what you save prudently and lead the investment intact towards your financial goals that would make you wealthy.

Quick shortcuts, hot tips, aggressive trading, etc would most probably ditch a person who's  not a full time trader/investor.

Let's follow this simple discipline to get rich!

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